I am Associate Professor and Chair of Philosophy at the University of Memphis, where I'm also an affiliate faculty member of the Institute of Intelligent Systems. In 2016-17, I'll be a Visiting Scholar at George Washington University.

My primary area of research is metaphysics–specifically, the animalist theory of personal identity–though my work in this area extends to related topics in philosophical psychology (e.g., animal cognition), in philosophy of biology (e.g., nature of organic life, dynamic systems), in ontology (e.g., material constitution, metaontology), and at the intersection of metaphysics and ethics (e.g., death, animal studies).signature


APRIL 2016: Animalism: New Essays on Persons, Animals, and Identity (edited with Paul Snowdon) is in the final stages of production with Oxford University Press and is slated to appear in September 2016. >>>

SEPTEMBER 2015: Ontology After Carnap (edited with Sandra Lapointe) is in the final stages of production with Oxford University Press and should be available in May 2016. >>>


news / events

MAY 2016: "'Death's Distinctive Harm' Revisited," International Association for the Philosophy of Death and Dying, Syracuse University. >>>

JUNE 2015: "Of Retirement, Ontological and Otherwise," At the Speed of Thought: Celebrating the Work and Teaching of Paul F. Snowdon, University College London, UK.

MAY 2015: "Termination," The Philosophy and Theology of Immortality, University of Hull, UK. >>>

MAY 2015: "Headhunters," Immortality Project Capstone Conference (Templeton Foundation), University of California, Riverside. >>>



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